Who Helps The Victims

We each hold an integral within this world, a answer to prosperity, freedom, and happiness. When my wife and I became victims of a Nigerian scam with Identity theft wrapped into it not many if any offered us any type of assistance. Victims of crimes like these are being re victimized by local law enforcement, banks, and mortgage companies.

I, myself, have even tried to aid some of these people but I have found that a lot of individuals will not even acknowledge the help you have given them and also this rubs me a bad way. King believed, and rightly so, that the minority stood a right along with a responsibility to disobey laws which were fundamentally unjust. The only person that ever really offered us any help was my Mom who ensured our rent was paid every month.

I find my personal relationship with Martin Luther King being the greater tangible when I read his speeches and find myself between the lines, paralyzed and impotent, unable to stop neither the flow of his words nor the span of time. Our local church, Calvary Baptist, did assistance with $50 for groceries but dozens of agencies that are supposedly out there to help with utilities and rent, their help is just about non existent. The jobs I did get would eventually be lost because of all the time I had to take off from work to appear in court.

King in the personal way. You would think that sites like Ebay, Yahoo, Google and BofA would educate their members by sending out an email to everybody but these places say that it is a liability issue plus they just look one other way. No speedy trial or anything.

We finally had to cop a plea for BS because we couldn't afford to get rid of more jobs. Then for that next three years BSO prosecuted us for criminal intent. Certainly, not as did others like Andrew Young or Jesse Jackson, in my own, personal way I too have a personal relationship with Dr.

Martin Luther King was a preacher, a real man of God, one that bluntly refused to be a passive bystander for the erosion of divine values instilled in every man. You would feel that for strip searching a female they could have female officers do this. Indeed, it was King's respect for your law, which led him to disobey the law. In the end, who will there be to help the victims of the ever growing cyber crime that is victimizing people from all walks of life?.

He saw that the black minority was not a part of the American social contract because they click to read were not able to take part in its elaboration. Indeed, it had been King's respect for that law, which led him to disobey the law. King believed, and rightly so, that the minority stood a right plus a responsibility to disobey laws that have been fundamentally unjust. He felt that most remedies have been exhausted and that non-violent protests such as sit-ins, boycotts, and non-cooperation, were the only real way for the minority to express its frustration and discontent with all the system. In the end, who can there be to aid the victims of the ever growing cyber crime that's victimizing people from all walks of life?.

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